Alma D. Ready Research Library

Who was Alma D. Ready?

Alma D. Ready was a driving force behind the creation of the Pimeria Alta Museum and its large research library. At her 2003 memorial service, the library was renamed the Alma D. Ready Library. 

In a special presentation, a beautiful stone plaque, created by Mexican artist Alonzo Villanueva, was mounted at the library entrance. It features a windmill taken from one of Ready’s photographs.

"Few can describe their lives much less write it as if a suspenseful novel yet with blunt, self-effacing honesty. Alma Ready's memoir is not a tell all, but she tells all, the unpretentious story of her life growing up in World War I, becoming a young woman in the raucous, roaring twenties, surviving the Great Depression, her four marriages of convenience and romance, producing four children and wrenchingly forced to surrender three, and growing up again in World War II to find her true calling as a photographer, historian and author." - Axel C.F. Holm, native Nogalian, noted historian, and, past president of the Pimeria Alta Museum and Historical Society.